More Than This

Over 40 years in the making, this book is for helping individuals find and optimize their unique presence in life.

It is for helping develop a forward-moving society that has at its base—and values—the free, creating individual.

It is about shoring up the individual to withstand external influences to the individual.

This book is for those who are struggling with self-expression in a world that would deny them. It is a companion to help overcome life’s brick walls and how to move to the next level of self-awareness and creative expression in your own life.
Inside are chapters that answer the following:

Why we are here
How to discover what your purpose is
How to develop meaning
How I know you are creative
How you can understand your value
Why you and your creative expression are important for everyone's future survival
An inspiriting and deeply reflective work reaching into the heart of humanity and highlighting the creating individual as the basis for a society evolving into its best expressions.

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The Storm of You

Because of a tragedy, an author hires a ghostwriter to put into words what he emotionally cannot. It is a narrative of deep love.
This is his story.
This is their story.

"It`s such a heartwarming story...I sometimes just stopped reading to sit and think about what I`ve just read. You put so much wisdom about love and relationships in it, that this book could be a real eye-opener for some people." - F.M.

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Eric E. Cane's new book: Helene at the End of the World

"This book was incredible. The story of Helen is completely original, the descriptions sensory and vivid! I love the flow of the writing, and the questions it posed. What would you do at the end of the world? What would you do if you, and those you loved were on the brink of extinction? A fantastic read."

JP Roth (reviewer)


Helene’s life changes drastically with her haunting visions. Unknowingly, she calls together an unusual group of people to stand with her to face the end of the world and that which follows.

Helene at the End of the World is a thought-provoking, stark tale about the qualities we bring with us after this life.

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Born of Dark Book One - Onfall

Vampires the way they were meant to be...

Small town Marshfield, Wisconsin, has unwelcome guests. The Unnatural have come to live among—and feed on—the lifeblood of this rural community, this “good stock.”

Keena Markholm, a young woman starting out in life, finds herself drawn to newcomer Master Edgar—a man of dark power and intent. Master Edgar has come to kill. At his side, Keena finds her grasp on the life she knew slipping, and she is thrust into a life, and horror, she never could have imagined.

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Born of Dark Book Two - Alliance

The Unnatural threat grows and strengthens. Keena is put in charge of the cleansings as Master Edgar must embark on a secret mission from which he may not return. Father Joseph readily stands with Keena, while having to deal with his own demons of faith at the increasing pleasure he finds killing. With Master Edgar out of the way, Chad's affection for Keena becomes dangerous.

And in the background, Dreah makes a decision that could bring down the House of P.O.E.

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Unnatural Book Three - Progeny

Lightfoot stands watch over a comatose Master Edgar— “He who would crack the Earth”—waiting for him to arise. We discover the horrible tragedy of how Master Edgar came to be and what happened to his wife, Elaine, in Kentucky those many years ago.

The residents of the small town of Marshfield begin to focus their attention on House of P.O.E., leading a detective to overstep his bounds and come face-to-face with Dreah.

Keena, struggling with her leadership role over her expanding group, finds her son has disappeared. In near rage, Keena begins a frantic search that leads her to a confrontation with Serena.

Release date: Oct. 2020

Born of Dark Book Four - Shroud

Release date: 2026

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